Bog Skale Eradication Team | BSET

The “Bog Skale Eradication Team” (BSET) is a group of Tyrian travelers who spare no expense in the elimination of the bog skale from Tyrian-inhabited locations. If you wish to aid the BSET in eliminating the bog skale, please see the “Ongoing Efforts” section, below.

Bog skales are large bipedal amphibians the size of wolves that live in swamps and wetlands around Tyria, especially within the regions of Ascalon and Kryta, and the Maguuma Jungle. Skales are dangerous, territorial carnivores that feed primarily upon carrion and the occasional unwary traveler. Armed with sharp claws and rife with disease, estimates suggest roughly one in every 57,000 bog skales we kill takes a brave Tyrian with it.

Bog skales pose a threat not only to local wildlife, but also the innocent Tyrians unprepared to deal with such a vicious beast. Outside the safety of city walls, there are few who have not lost friends, family, or at least a distant relative to the bog skale. Well camouflaged and utterly silent in the undergrowth, bog skale attacks are swift as they are deadly. The bog skale’s scythe-like claws easily peel flesh from bone, and, when cornered, the creature vomits acid venom that can destroy a sword as surely as Evon Gnashblade loves the smell of commerce in the morning.

Even seasoned travelers can find themselves in a losing battle when a brood of bog skales strikes. While the travelers may fend off the predators the first time, bog skales are deadly persistent and even the most crippled creature can fully regenerate if not properly disposed of. Recent reports of huge, mutated ‘skale lords’ leading packs of bog skales suggests the creatures may be growing more intelligent and organizing.

In the Delanian Foothills (just west of Lion’s Arch) the Lionguard continuously fight to clear the way for ill-equipped travelers to Black Haven. The scourge of skales has become so severe that Lionguard Micah has been reported recruiting explorers to aid the Lionguard in removing the creatures from the area. In order to encourage this noble fight, Lionguard Micah is providing a 98c payment and training to all volunteers, funded by BSET. Be Warned – This area is also home to Basilisks and River Drakes – Proceed with caution.

In the outskirts of Dryground Village in the Thundertoll Swamp, the Slyvari warden, Laudren, is often overwhelmed with the task of clearing the village of hostile and agitated creatures, most prominently the Bog Skale. Any passing explorersmay be eligible for a bounty of 2s70c for their aid in the defense the village from these vile creatures. Note: This area is for experienced explorers only!

BSET is proud to announce a more accessible, ongoing bounty program that rewards explorers for their contributions towards the eradication of the bog skale. BSET will pay 2c for all intact fins, or up to 9c for dorsal fins. Please exchange any collected fins with the nearest merchant to receive your reward.

Bog Skale Eradication Team | BSET

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